Picture of Claire Danes in Homeland

Muslims get a tough go from the media, globally and locally. They are often the target of malicious bigotry and unrealistic stereotyping in film, television and news media. The stereotyping is due to fear and a lack of understanding of the Muslim people and their culture. However the fear and lack of understanding is underpinned […]

Picture of the Sun's headline via the Guardian

Recently the UK’s Sun newspaper ran a front page asking people of all religions and faiths in the UK to stand up against all kinds of extremists, using the image of a woman who looks to be Muslim wearing a Union Jack headscarf. The sun‘s headline states: As police swoop on first suspected Islamic State terror cell in UK, The […]

Leaders of New Zealand’s Muslim community have told One news sending SAS troops to Iraq to battle ISIS is not a good idea and will fuel a backlash in the Muslim community. Leaders have both expressed they think it’s a bad idea sending troops because it might radicalise Muslims who live in the west, and […]

As the Australia, the United States and soon the UK gear up to tackle the Islamic State threat, Kiwi Muslims are being subjected to “social media backlash” and harassment on the streets, according to the Waikato Times. The article says harassment of Kiwi Muslims has been on the increase due to the Australian counter-terrorism raids […]

When Prime Minister was asked about Islamic State sympathisers in New Zealand, he couldn’t rule them out. His comment comes after recent anti-terror raids in Sydney, Australia netted terror suspects. The raids were carried out after intelligence showed home-grown plots were being planned by an Australian with high ranking in ISIS. Mr Key says this […]

Prime Minister John Key has signaled his support for US airstrikes in Iraq but says no troops will be put on the ground. In New Zealand, the Key administration has designated ISIS (ISIL) as a terrorist group, and believes supporting the airstrikes is logical for a safer world. Mr Key made it clear he would […]

The number of Muslim families in Taranki are growing, according to the Taranaki Daily News. Only ten years ago there were four families in the region. Now there are around 20 families, and though they aren’t as big as some of the communities in the main centers, Hawaera Islamic Centre president Ashraf Ali says the community […]

John Key doesn’t want to put troops on the ground in Iraq, but supports the airstrikes launched by the US against ISIS targets in a bid to destroy the jihadist threat. ISIS, an offshoot of Al Queda, is a Sunni-based terrorist group who’s mission is to create an Islamic Caliphate state. They have so far been […]

Hama Khayat is worried about his friends and family as Islamic State fighters continue to descend on on the semi-autonomous region Kurdistan in Northern Iraq.  Although he lives in New Zealand, his family live about 200km away from the capital of Kurdistan, Erbil, which is just 25km away from the Islamic State jihadists. In Iraq, Kurdish […]

People of different faiths will gather in Auckland at the end of this month at a peace conference, reports the Indian Weekender. The conference, organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community New Zealand, encourages a healthy discussion between different religions and faiths with a chosen topic. This years theme will be social peace and religion, and […]